Visa Guidance

We help you navigate your way through the Visa process.

This is where we step in to set the right path for you!

Studying abroad is a huge decision, considering the effort and resources you have to put in. At Study Path, we simplify this laborious task and provide you with a hassle-free visa processing. Representing some of the best institutions in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA and Canada, our team of professionals know the ins and outs of international visa procedures like the back of their hands.

Let us handle the formalities for you.

Our cohesive team is well-versed with the latest international visa procedures and sees through hundreds of visa cases each year. Our incredibly high rate of visa grants serves as a tangible demonstration of our dedication towards you. With our help, you can achieve your international career goals in a seamless manner.


How do we work?

We start with you – your education, skill set, career goals, financials, English language proficiency, contacts, supported by other aspects that can help us best determine your eligibility. A rundown of these facets can help us create a checklist that will serve as an outline to begin working on your Visa process. Despite the reason for visa application – study, work, visit or live, we guide you throughout the process. 

After the outline is set, we assess which visa is most suitable for you and then we thoroughly take you through the complete application process. On this matter, we help you with filling up your forms, educate you on the cost details of Visa, apply for necessary biometrics, assist you book the medical examinations, OSHC insurance, and more. From checking your application details to following up with the authorities, we help you at every step of the way.

Our visa processing team ensures that you stay well-positioned with Visa compliance and always keep you updated with the progress. We act promptly on any information required by the High commission for your visa outcome. In addition, we also ensure that you are fully prepared by giving you a pre-departure session for further guidance.

Once you’re all set with your GTE and financial assessment, you can proceed further with your acceptance of admission letter and payment to confirm your studies at the university.

Pre-departure guidance

As a part of our pre-departure guidance process, help you plan your future before flying abroad. We provide you with the know-hows about having the best experience during your student life. Once the student visa is received, pre- departure guidance will help you make the necessary travel arrangements for instance ‘what is the minimum or maximum travel cheque students can carry’, ‘do and don’ts of travel luggage’ , ‘opening a bank account’, ‘where to find an cost effective accommodation’, ‘getting a travel card’, etc.

Visit us our On-Arrival Services page to know more about the extended services we can offer you. Alternatively, just give us a call!