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What is Overseas Student Health Cover?

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is health insurance that provides cover to contribute towards the costs of:

  • Doctors’ visits
  • Out of hospital medical treatment
  • Medical treatment at the hospital
  • Prescription medicines
  • Emergency ambulance assistance
Overseas Student Heath Cover (OSHC) is an insurance taken by an international student to meet medical and hospital costs while studying in Australia. This is a mandatory health cover which every overseas student must obtain if they are undertaking formal studies in Australia. The student’s dependents, such as spouse, children or any other member of the accompanying family unit must also be covered.

Who is eligible for OSHC?

Overseas students are eligible for OSHC. You are an overseas student if you are:

  • an individual who is the holder of a Student Visa; or an individual who:
  • is an applicant for a student visa;
  • is the holder of a bridging visa;
  • A spouse, de-facto, child or step-child of an overseas student who is unmarried and has not turned eighteen years of age may be covered.

Types of OSHC Covers

When an individual enters Australia on a student visa, he/she would have to arrange a health cover

When a student enters Australia with a dependent then he/she would have to arrange health cover for both the member (Primary and dependent).

When a student enters Australia with his/her family mostly including (spouse and children) then he/she would have to arrange health cover for the entire family.

Note:  OSHC must cover student’s entire period of stay in Australia till his/her visa expiry date


The average cost of OSHC

  • 1 year: $ 501AUD
  • 2 years: $ 505AUD
  • 3 years: $513 AUD
  • 4years: $ 556AUD
  • 5 years: $569 AUD